[Update #3] M16A2

Here is the latest update of M16A2.

Sorry for the late update, anyway here are some update of M16A2 rifle.

Lower receiver is almost done except bolt catch and trigger guard. Receiver extension has built to hold the recoil spring (as shown in the picture).

Here are some failed bolt carriers I made earlier including the old Barrett M486 bolt. First and second version are all failed. The second one has improved but still unsuitable for use in this rifle.

Third version of bolt carrier that doesn't fail.

Bolt carrier is pure paper, it is hardened with PVA glue and shaped like the real both carrier. There is no gas tube, I might make a fake extractor and firing pin if possible and paint it to silver as well.

The 'real dude'

M16A2 Field stripping

Also I've added a side bar for my M16 progress, you can view what has done if update post delayed.


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