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Protoss Carrier?

Nothing much to say, just a paper protoss carrier from Starcraft.

Time to continue

It is time, to continue my Warcraft III modern warfare map which I threw it aside for a long time. I got lot of idea now and many of the stuffs, buildings, units need to be changed. Besides, tech tree will also changed. I already planned some of them with a piece of paper and ready to continue the map, the reason why I doing this because I don't want to waste time when making the map, saving time and add more stuffs in a limited time.

Oh shit, I don't feel like wanna continue them.

WMG are retarded (Updated)

Recently my old video "Teen Titans Raven Broken Dream" has been removed by Youtube due to music used which owned by WMG (Warners Music Group). Sadly I lost my original video, maybe I will remake the video and upload to mediafire for everyone to download, since I still have the embed link, I might try it out.

Here's the embed link

Just an update I re-uploaded the video without song. Check the video description for the full download.

Click here to watch the video and get the download link.

[Youtube] Video Published

Finally I finished BannedStory animation video, before that I had lot of problem while rendering the video such as music volume is too low, video resolution and I even forget to stuck "Teh777" on the top right corner. Overall, I wasted 1 to 2hours to upload the video. And I hope the intro waste your time :D

Here it is


Got my Particle Illusion

Just got my Particle Illusion program to add more special effect for my animation. It was sad at first because I not sure how to remove the black background of the effect I used, after referring to some guide, I finally got the black thing removed and putted it into Sony Vegas, that was cool and highly detailed effect.
Basically this is what I did,
I saved the effect into .avi file and check the "Save Alpha" and "Remove black bg from RGB channel" before rendering them and finally import into Sony Vegas and set the Alpha Channel to "Straight (unmatted)"

For my animation, it is about 60% completed, I can actually complete the editing within 1 or 2 days, because of the laziness that's why it still not done yet. (sigh)

By the way, here's the videos for today :D
Epic Music I can tell.


No follower

As you can see, I have no follower in my blog. It looks like I'm talking to myself, ERRRRRKKKKKHH???!! <----Rapelay style. Talking about Rapelay, It's a rape game seriously and it's from Japan. This game was banned in US, I don't have that game but I know one of my friend have that. Also I changed my Blog title :D

Found some nice SFX

I was very happy today, because I found teH pwn0r zomg holy imba Dragon Ball Z sound effects! Basically I found this from Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xR0lT3yMz4) which provided with a download link, sounds awesome if I put it into my video, now I shall re-edit my sound effect again and replace some of them with this oww...

Another website I found

Finished Animation

Finally, my BannedStory animation is done. Now I'm currently working on the video using Sony Vegas, adding more effects and stuff to make it cooler. For the sound effects, I might use Cabal Online, Warcraft III and some I found on the net. I wonder where can I get Slash sound and some .gif explosions mmm...

BannedStory Animation #2

Just a little update of my animation. I finally made a very simple walk,jump, slash animation by referring to video guide, I converted the animation to .gif image as shown below, enjoy. I still learning how to make a better animation but I only have very less free time to do learn it.


Can't even post a direct link here D:< the link just not showing up for no reason.

My First Bannedstory Animation

I just got my Macromedia Flash 8 and start out with my very first flash animation. I'm learning to make Maple Story animation because they're so cool after I watched some of the Bannedstory animation video from Youtube like Maple Kombat by Dray86. Now I'm planning to make a simple walking jump and slash animation by referring a tutorial video by JrMadness in Youtube. The processes is simple but I always messed up with time line and key frame after I dragging them, sometime it also happen when I created a blank key frame, that was really really confusing I can tell. But I will try hard to find more tutorial. Here's the preview.

Barrett M468

After watched some homemade weapon video in youtube, I decided to start my own cardboard gun. I started this project few months ago, it still not done yet because of school works and keep delaying because of laziness.

Materials that I used are:
-Some plastic pieces from old toys
-Transparent plastic sheet

This gun is almost done, just some few parts still need to be completed such as flash hider, rail and cover everything with some paper and glue them together to make it harder. Here are the previews,

You can view my old preview here:

If you can see, most of the stuffs still not completed in the video compare to the pictures.

Top Rocks

Recently my friend sent me a website which is very helpful for me to learn top rock. Thanks for that, I shall share the link here for those new who wanna learn Top Rock. I remember I was a stupid, dumb and idiotic people who broke my arm when doing Six-step years ago, I stopped after that. Until my friend, Nic asked me to join dance club last week, since I didn't have any activities at school, so I just accept it and now I'm back to dance again. Hopefully don't break my arm again, that was very painful and took very long time to heal you know. :D

Here it is:

Not sure how to post a clickable link here, somebody help me? :D

Video of the day

Just sharing one of my newest video here, as you can see I'm playing B-Boy in my PSP. Just started this not long ago, this game is quite nice just a little bit unrealistic :D because you can do many power moves for very very long duration without losing any energy or stamina. Conclusion I rate this game 4/5

Created blog

Hi everyone, I just created my own blog... for fun :D. It will be anything about me and all the stuff I want to share. And me? just call me Evo, still studying, I have not much friends because I don't really know how to make a friend and feel little bit... uh what can I say? Anyway I love movie editing, making short videos and post it in youtube. You can visit my youtube account here http://www.youtube.com/teh777 bunch of videos, I hope you like it.

Most of the gadgets and blog design still under construction, I will add more and make this blog nicer if I have time.
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