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    Thanks to RailKill for update bypass patch. Now you can watch your replays in original Darkness And Light client without having Xtrap updated.
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    Darkness And Light (DAL) Warcraft III ver. is a remake of PvP Strategy Game based on original DAL.
    Developed by NuevoEvo and RailKill. Click here for latest map download.

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Playlist.com Fail

Playlist.com just fucked up all my soundtracks, every song I listen will have "Licensing restriction in your country"
No point listening song at there so I've changed my blog playlist to mixpod. It looks okay especially the iPod Touch player which i liked the most. Bad thing is, most of the songs are not playable except for youtube.

So now Mixpod will be my temporary playlist, if someone knows better website feel free to send me a comment or chat box. :D

For iPod

Just bought two of these few days ago, cheap screen guard and rubber casing for iPod :D It cost me about 30 bucks. This is my first time adding colour on my text.

(Yeah Satisfied with the product lol, just feel like wanna stuck some pictures on every of my post.)
And the thing I hate the most is iTune, why? It really sucks, lags and not respond after syncing my music. I tested with my bro's computer, the result is still same. Plus the album art missing also gave me a headache.

[Youtube] Hitler gets banned from Cabal Online

Hello, another short video by me. Really hope you enjoy it, it took me about few hours to finish it. Basically it is about a MMORPG game which is called Cabal Online.

A88 Fake iPhone Review

Hello! another review of fake iPhone, this one is even worst than the last one. Reviewed by a British guy. Owh, this phone fail, I hope you enjoy it, and wait! the menu graphic (not the main menu) & functions in this phone looks similar to my phone? Same company I guess?

Fake Chinese iPhone Infomercial

Today I was shocked when I saw this video lol, I was like wtf... a cloned china iPhone. Everything was almost the same like the real iPhone and but price is cheap.

Some stuffs

Haruhi Suzumiya Figure (Disappointed because it's a bootleg)





ipod Touch?





Video of the day #2

Alright, I'm back to blog again. Looks like someone is not happy with Starcraft II eh? Watch it and you'll know! :D Funny shit man...

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