• Darkness And Light Replays

    Thanks to RailKill for update bypass patch. Now you can watch your replays in original Darkness And Light client without having Xtrap updated.
    Click here for more detail and download link.

  • Warcraft III: Darkness And Light

    Darkness And Light (DAL) Warcraft III ver. is a remake of PvP Strategy Game based on original DAL.
    Developed by NuevoEvo and RailKill. Click here for latest map download.

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New version of Darkness And Light is out!

DAL Logo

New version of Darkness And Light is out!
From the creators, NuevoEvo and RailKill

Long waited Darkness And Light is here, this map is now updated with lot of new features, items and bug fixes. Download is now available!

Main changes
  • Added 2 new heroes, Arina and Ireine
  • Anti magic system, which allow player to cast anti magic instantly. (This system might remove due to delays when casting)
  • Fixed most of the bugs.
  • Most of the items are now added, including Cra items.
  • New custom hero voice.
  • Added Durahan (Creep)
  • Balanced hero attack damage and armor.
Download Link

Please Refer at Download sidebar for latest download link

Note: You must have Warcraft III: Frozen Throne installed and patched with at least version 1.24b, else the map will not load. You can get the latest version of patch here.

DAL Secrets?

There are some interesting things you can find in Darkness And Light game files. You can find textures, icons and heroes sound voices. Unfortunately some of the voices are in slow-mo for some reason, so I must edit them to get the exact speed.

You might wondering which program I'm using. I'm using IrfanView for this, it is a simple imaging program that you can view various type of image files including DDS extension, as well as some audio formats. IrfanView is available for FREE, take a look at the official website HERE (Make sure you download the plugin, else you won't be able to view them!) You can download the original Darkness And Light installer HERE if you wish to try opening them yourself. Though Irfanview has some limitation, you will only get 1 image file when you open one of the file. Judging on how the file was named, each of those file should have more than 1 image file packed into a single DRP file format. If you know any other method to fully extract these files, let me know!

Download Links:

Found some loading screens and some Belerop, Ajax and Arina skins.

My first Warcraft reskin

Model is one of the major problem in my map, it is hard to get a right custom model or a suitable one that fits to DAL heroes. Plus, most of the DAL heroes are female. I don't know why, maybe the developer are kinda? Heh heh. I had found a simple solution to overcome this, that is reskin. Reskin can be done by using a picture editing software like Photoshop, taking out existing skin in warcraft 3 and modify them or changing its colour and so on. If you're interested in reskin, you can always find a beginner guide in HiveWorkshop

This is what I have done after reskining Warden. As you can see, I'm changing it into Ireine.
It took me for about 4 hours to finish this. =(
Now, I will use this gay skin inside my map lol.
Ireine from DAL and Terabellum on the right.

Darkness And Light Updates

Here's the update of Darkness And Light.

  • 18/9/09
    -Fixed Judgement mallet DISBTN
    -Increased Int Hammer missile speed
    -Increased Durahan damage and gold bounty
    -Hero and creep are now deal lesser damage to building.
    -Lobelia's Blazing Shield Effect
    -Snow effect

  • 17/9/09
    Changed Lorraine & Belerop sound voice

  • 16/9/09
    -Fixed minor bugs
    -Updated terrain
    -Changed building armor, attack range
    -Balanced Heroes Attribute
    -Changed shop model
    -Improved Item descriptions
    -New Asiz model
    -Weather effect and random time of day.
    -Added Durahan (Creep)
    -Improved high quality Icons with DISBTN
    -Aero Tower Shield (Item)
    -Anti Magic System
Preview of two bases
Dark Base
Epic Light Base

Warcraft Darkness And Light


Warcraft version of Darkness And Light is here!

Map Maker: Me & Railkill

This is a remade version of Darkness And Light (DAL), a game which similar to DotA gameplay developed by NlogSoft. The original of this game was dead since early 2008. Below are the screenshots taken last year in this map, of course there will be new version coming out, so stick close to DAL section!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Original Game:
Download Darkness And Light BETA v1.0 Protected.w3x here!

Note that, this is not the latest version of the game It probably have lot of bugs in it. I'm working on the map currently to fix all the bugs and improve the gameplay. So stay tuned lol.

Stuff Stuffs

Noob Zabimaru

Heh, Sony earphone I bought. Because Apple earphone sucks, doesn't fit in my ears and keep falling out. Now the new earphone fit inside my ear nicely and I have no problem when running with my earphone on.

It comes with:
  1. Earphones
  2. Cord with plug thingy
  3. Additional rubber thingy (small and large)
  4. A nice pouch
  5. A don't know what plastic case, to keep your earphones. :D

Homemade Zabimaru

3rd day progress (Pictures on top)
Homemade Mini Zabimaru :D

Overall Progress: 35%
Blade Sections: 2/6 (3rd section 70%)
Blade Handle: Not Done
Approximate Length After Finish: 400mm (40cm)
Approximate Time To Finish: ??
Blade Size: 1/3 apx to real size ratio

Materials Used:
  1. Cardboard (40%)
  2. Paper (50%)
  3. Strings
  4. PVA Glue
  5. Ice Cream Stick (Lol)

(I know it sucks)

Bleach Ending English Parody

Watch and enjoy :D Huaahh! Goku made the rap suddenly...

(My English sucks if you look at my previous posts...)

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