• Darkness And Light Replays

    Thanks to RailKill for update bypass patch. Now you can watch your replays in original Darkness And Light client without having Xtrap updated.
    Click here for more detail and download link.

  • Warcraft III: Darkness And Light

    Darkness And Light (DAL) Warcraft III ver. is a remake of PvP Strategy Game based on original DAL.
    Developed by NuevoEvo and RailKill. Click here for latest map download.

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    Check out my Youtube Channel for various Maplestory animation and opening videos. Be sure to subscribe too!

Understanding Fail

Epic Fail# 58
How do you win?

Rated F for fail

Customer Service Fail

Epic Fail# 58
Hello Shameful.

Rated F for fail


Notes on New Site's Design


Dear readers,

I'm currently changing site's design for better reading experience. Default slideshow will be used but more will be added in future. One thing to note that some images in old posts may not display properly, which I'm working on it now. Also I apologies for long inactive in this site, but I will update more anytime soon, hopefully.

I hope you enjoy stay in DAL Portal.

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