[Update #5] M16A2

M16A2 update is here again.

I've been busy these days, rear sight supposedly done right now. Since the blog a little bit 'not active' I decided to make a small update of this homemade paper rifle. These is what has done so far.

Yeah, I added gas tube to make it more realistic. The concept is still the same, it is 100% made out of hardened paper and painted with metallic silver paint which I bought from hobby shop last time.

Showing off the parts, you can see how the barrel looks like.

Handguards and barrel.


  • Added front sight
  • Finished Barrel
  • Added handguard, outer layer (the strips thing) not done.
  • Finished gas tube and heat shield.
  • Joined barrel parts and upper receiver together.

That is all for today, I'm currently working rear sight for this rifle because gun with only front sight sucks. =D

Oh wait, it's not M16a2 lol.


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