• Darkness And Light Replays

    Thanks to RailKill for update bypass patch. Now you can watch your replays in original Darkness And Light client without having Xtrap updated.
    Click here for more detail and download link.

  • Warcraft III: Darkness And Light

    Darkness And Light (DAL) Warcraft III ver. is a remake of PvP Strategy Game based on original DAL.
    Developed by NuevoEvo and RailKill. Click here for latest map download.

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    Check out my Youtube Channel for various Maplestory animation and opening videos. Be sure to subscribe too!

Need For Speed Shift - True Driver's Experience

EA came out with new Need For Speed series this year, more realistic and good satisfaction of driving experience. Cockpit view is the one I liked the most when I first playing this game.

However that's not enough, you can...

Yes with steering wheel attached to your computer, this game is totally badass.

If you want enjoy full driving experience (For PC), you will need
  • A Steering Wheel, like Logitech products.
  • Better graphic card and your computer performance such as RAM, processor and so on. You can visit Here or Here for latest graphic card products.
  • Buy original copy of the game. Don't go for pirated, that is not good, sometime there are features might missing like intro movie and background soundtracks. Get an original copy to support the game and allow you to access multiplayer game as well.



If you notice, there is a age confirmation when you visit this blog. This is because I already set my blog to 'include adult content'.

I accidentally found this when I was browsing through google. You might think I'm a pervert but I will not care about that. I really not sure what to post now, so don't blame me :)

Wait, you want more hentai? Go google yourself, don't ask from me, I have nothing.

Starcraft II mod for Starcraft I

If you are a Starcraft fan, then you should try out a Starcraft II mod for Starcraft I which you can play Starcraft II in Starcraft I!

You must have Starcraft: Brood War installed and patched with version 1.15.1 to avoid error message while launching the mod.

How to Install?

Step 1. Go to this link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BFXE27B9 to download the mod.

Step 2. After finish the download, extract 4 .exe files into your game folder.
Example: C:\Program Files\Starcraft

Step 3. Click 31.2.exe to launch the game.



Re-upload on permanent server



Visit HERE for more detail about this mod if you know Spanish.

Are You Retard?

Are You Retard
By Evo
Is out!

This is a new map created by me. Again just like in the previous post, this mini game will test whether you are a retard or not (this map is.designed to be as stupidest as possible) To win this game, you must survive until you reach the finish line.
Tip: Do not fall into my traps :)

Please Refer at Download sidebar for latest download link

I noticed Darkness And Light map cannot open in Warcraft III, so I managed to fix it and finally came out with a solution. This map is now fixed and new download link is available in download section at my blog sidebar.

Note: You must have Warcraft III: Frozen Throne installed and patched with at least version 1.24b, else the map will not load. You can get the latest version of patch here.

iPod Touch and iPhone which one?

Comparison between iPod Touch 2nd Gen and iPhone 3Gs, which one will you choose? I see many peoples think I have an iPhone, but it actually not! It is an iPod Touch by the way, because they look alike.

Here is what I think between iPod Touch and iPhone 3Gs

iPod Touch

  • Cheaper than iPhone
  • 8GB, 16GB, 32GB storage
  • Portable, much thinner and lighter than iPhone
  • Built-in Speakers (2nd Gen)
  • With almost every functions like iPhone, except phone, sms, etc
  • Go and showoff because many people think it is an iPhone :D
  • You cannot dial phone numbers! :(
  • Has no electronic compass, voice control
  • Has slower speed compare to 3Gs
  • Battery cannot last long (Unless you just listen to music. Video and internet browsing drains out battery fast)

iPhone 3Gs

  • Has electronic compass, voice control for 3Gs
  • Faster speed
  • Battery last longer than iPhone3G
  • Has all iPod Touch functions
  • 16GB, 32GB Storage
  • You can showoff with this :)
  • Expensive :(
  • Many pickpockets aim for that, so watch out :)

If you want to get a new phone, iPhone 3Gs will be best for you. At other side, if you have limited budget and already own a phone, iPod Touch probably the best choice for you.

Apple Store Robbery

This is how thieves rob in an Apple Store. Smash the glass door, rushed into the store and grabbed 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPods in 31 Seconds! These are the robbers nowadays :(

Warcraft III Editor Basics

A short guide to those who are new in Warcraft III map editing. If you are new and not sure how to start with, this guide may help you out (I hope)

Warcraft III Editor is a great map editor which allow you to customize almost every aspects in the game. You can create your own custom games. Just like Defend of the Ancient (DotA), it is a custom game too. You can change units HP, creating a new unit, rename them and much more!

Before start a project
New people should try to make a simple map first. Try messing around with units, placing them into a map. Always start with simple things first, do not start with massive project like DotA, Hero Defense or something because it is very complicated if you don't get the basic right.

Start a simple map
A new map maker should start with opening an existing Warcraft melee maps. Add some custom units, items, custom abilities and such. These can be done by opening Object editor. For example you can change Flame Strike damage by opening Ability tab in Object Editor and change the value of 'Damage', experience yourself by placing a Blood Mage and try it out in game.

I believe trigger will be a challenge for a starter. Triggers are an alternative method of controlling gameplay, it is a simplified programming language with a graphical interface. They have been designed to be simple enough for novice users, yet they can control almost any aspect of gameplay. For example, if you want to create some units in an area, give an item to a hero, set Hero mana. These can be done by using a trigger. If you notice, Trigger consist of Event, Condition and Action, what does it mean?

The trigger will run when an event occur, you must have an event in order to run a trigger. Some time you run a trigger from other trigger without an event.

A condition is a requirement so that a trigger will fire, trigger will run if all the conditions are true. You can also have a 'Or' condition as well if you wish to fire a trigger with either one condition is true. A trigger with Event and actions but without a condition will work, except some.

Nothing much to explain here, basically one or more action will be taken after condition is met.

Example of a Simple Trigger

I made an Event when A unit Dies. I want to specify which unit dies before I perform an action, in this case I set any Footman as my dying unit. If the condition is met (Footman is dead), then an action will be performed, here I create 1 Footman at centre of the map for Player 1.

Overall we can say that if a Footman dies then a new Footman will spawn at the centre of the map. Of course you can set where your Footman spawn too, simply create a region anywhere in the map.

Feel free to play with the editor, as you can learn the basics in the same time. Try your best to make some simple triggers. Keep practicing, until you're ready to start a real project.

Thanks for RailKill for teaching me how to use Warcraft Editor last time. :)

Bad sentence making, bad grammars, and wrong usage of words as always. :(
I suck

Upcoming Warcraft Map

I'm working out a new map currently, it is called "Are you retard?" to test how retard are you. The goal of this map is to solve various puzzles and some retarded questions until you reach the finish line. If you did something wrong, you will be killed instantly. Prove yourself that you're not a retard.

Map progress: 65%
I will release the full version once it's done. Unlike Darkness And Light, there will be no incomplete map testing.

Spoiler? I don't think so :)

Darkness And Light BETA 1.0b is currently available to download. Download link can be found at sidebar.

Wild Michael Jackson Appeared!

Look! Michael Jackson in Pokemon! He will use some crazy skills to kill you and the most famous Moon Walk to avoid attack :)

Now let's try to use Master Ball to catch him :)

Here’s Why Left 4 Dead 2 Was Banned In Australia

Take a look at this, Left 4 Dead 2 was banned in Australia with the reason, High impact violence.
It notes that this violence is inflicted upon ‘the Infected’ who are living humans infected with a rabies-like virus that causes them to act violently, Oh really???
I never thought it has such of high impact violence, but infected looks nub don't they? :D

Source: http://www.kotaku.com.au/2009/09/heres-why-left-4-dead-2-was-banned-in-australia/

How to spam in Starcraft I

This my tips on how to win in Starcraft for noobs a.k.a newbies by spamming units, but there is no guarantee for winning. :)
There are 3 factions in Starcraft which are Terran, Zerg and Protoss. Each of them have their pros and cons, if you know how to play them correctly then you'll definitely win the game.

The Brainless human.
  • The 'Supple Depot'. Build a line of supply depots to block a path and few bunkers behind. Place some Siege Tanks after you have a Factory, go experience yourself :)
  • Massive Battlecruisers. Build Starports as much as you can, then start building Battlecruisers, each battlecruiser deals 25dmg+ so it is good for defense and attack enemy base. WARNING: Battlecruiser has slow movement speed.
  • Wraith. Again, build as many Starport as you can. Great for anti-air and imba when cloaking. WARNING: Weak against Psionic Storm!
  • March of Marines. Build 4-6 barracks, then build many many Marines and Medics. WARNING: Psionic Storm Pwns you!
The sticky and ugly alien.
  • The Five Pool. Start mining with 5 drones at early game, build a Spawning Pool then start rushing enemy base with zerglings. Good against Protoss :) WARNING: It will leave your base defenseless think twice before doing it.
  • Great Wall of Evo. Spamming Sunken Colonies and Spore Colonies at early game, place some Lurkers when you have minerals. WARNING: Only work for Single Player :)
  • Ultralisk and Hydralisk Spams. Keep making Hydralisk and Ultralisk as many as you can to attack enemy base. Tip: Make some Defillers with Dark Swarm too, Dark Swarm can prevent your ground units from enemy attack EXCEPT SIEGE.
  • The Guardian. Make as much Guardian as you can, Guardians has long range attack and 20dmg per spore. WARNING: Guardian has no anti-air.
The cheater.
  • Zealot (Ninjas). Build as much Gateways as you can, then start spamming Zealots and send them to enemy base. They can deal 16dmg, good for early game. WARNING: Zealots has no anti-air, so think about it :)
  • The Famous Carriers. Build as much Stargate as you can and a Fleet Beacon of course. Start spamming Carriers. Behold of shit loads of interceptors! Tip: Make some Arbiter, it will make your carriers invisible! No lie!
  • Dark Templars. Start building Gateways and a Templar Archive, then make as much Dark Templars as you can. WARNING: Templar has no anti-air. For some reason, sometime player accidentally spam High Templar instead of Dark Templar.
  • Recall. An Arbiter ability which can teleport your units to anywhere in the map, simply move your Arbiter to a destination then target your units with Recall. Great for sneak attack and zealot spams.

Congratulation you know the basic of how to spam in Starcraft I, now you can own your friends in BattleNet! Good Luck.

Note: I don't do spelling and grammar check in my post.

AAA Gun Club, Great App

AAA Gun Club, my most favorite Apps, a virtual weapon that you can fire from your iPod Touch or iPhone! not only that, you can select different type of weapons such as shotgun, smg, assault rifle and much more!

A short preview of this App :)

This App is currently available in App Store
You can visit here for more detail.

How to Draw Anime Head

This is my version of how to draw anime head. It might be different from others. It is simple actually, I hope it helps. So let's get started!

Tools are always important, you will need.
  • Blank Paper, A4 paper will do
  • Sharp pencil or Mechanic pencil
  • An Eraser
  • 4B pencil (Optional)

Here is how

First, I draw a "t" shape using a mechanic pencil. Make sure do not darken the lines because we will need to sketch first and some lines will erase afterward. Draw 2 curve lines and join them together at the bottom as shown in the picture.

Draw a semicircle on top, this will be its head, avoid making the head too flat. Add ears on the both side about the position of the horizontal line, don't go too high or too low.

Add eyebrows above the horizontal line, and other line below the eyebrow. Erase the horizontal line, we will add the eyes later.

Complete the eyes, you can choose any type of eyes you preferred to. Add nose, don't go too high or too low, leave some space for the mouth.

Complete the iris, make a small circle inside and shade them like this. Make another smaller circle without shading it, this will be the reflection of the eye.

Complete the hair and add more detail on it. Then darken all the lines with 4B pencil, you can use a normal pencil as well. Make some shading after you satisfied with the details.

Here is the result when it's done.

Keep practicing, I believe you can draw something better than this. :D
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