Metal Gear Solid 4 Parody - Snake's Final Day

The best MGS parody.

I made some random searches in YouTube and I found this. A hilarious Metal Gear Solid 4 parody, check this out.

Sorry for not update this blog because I had a bit problem in M16A2 making. Majorities are upper receiver and the bolt carrier system, there are some minor scaling error which cause the bolt carrier doesn't fit inside the upper receiver. I've fixed these today, now I'm working on the stock which has a receiver extension tube in it together with recoil spring.

(Yes, in real gun we called recoil spring. My gun cannot fire, it will be no recoil so it's just a normal spring in it :D.)

That's all and I will try to finish the bolt carrier so I can make a new post with the updates.

"No one touches Solid Snake's solid ass!" :D


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