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Car Wash Idiot

Nub wants to wash his car.

This idiot just can't wait to wash his car. Click the video to see what happen.
And get ready for the Bang Bang Biissh

Chinese Christmas Hymns

Merry Christmas

Here is one funny prank I found, enjoy the video.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Most Epic Song of All Time

Europa by Globus

This is one of the most epic song that I liked. This song is actually an instrumental version of "Europa" by Globus. It is also the "Electric Romeo" by Immediate Music, extended and with choir parts from Europa. You can also listen the lyric version of this song HERE.


Heaven help in all our battles
Heaven see love. Heaven help us

Heaven help in all our battles
Heaven see love. Heaven help us
Avant hier
, avons être
Déja demain
, nous sommes éclairée

All glory, all honor
Victory is upon us
Our savior, fight evil
Send armies to defend us
Europa, Europa
Find better days before us
In kindness, in spirit
Lead us to a greater calling

All glory, all honor
Victory is upon us
Our savior, fight evil
Send armies to defend us
Europa, Europa
Find better days before us
In kindness, in spirit
Lead us to a greater calling
Never again!

You can download this song if you like it.

Download Here


Bleach Fans Comic

I started this comic months ago in school, it sucks a lot because of improper grammar as I'm not good in English. I've continue a little bit of this comic because one of my friend Harjit likes it. Thanks for my friends who likes this comic and Nicholas who helped me to correct my grammar mistakes.

Note that this comic is fan-based and drawn for non-profit and entertainment purpose only.
No way I can claim the characters or names in Bleach who are created by
Kubo Taito. This comic may contain spoiler for certain people.

Actually this comic is not long, I think it will finish soon.

The story is about a boy, Jims Burnt who trying to destroy Soul Society and stopped by Harjit Singh the Dark Mage. However Harjit failed capture him while Jims teleporting in a warp gate. Jims is then killed by Kurosaki Ichigo, unfortunately he was revived by Aizen and became an Arranca. Who willl stop him? :D

Holy Shit!

Sorry for not blogging almost a week, I was not at home during that time. I'm back now.
I was wondering what happen if iPhone is put inside a blender.

So will an iPhone blend?
Let's find out shall we?

Assassin's Creed Costume

How to make Assassin's Creed Costume

Assassin's Creed is a nice game to play and it's popular nowadays. Plus the upcoming Assassin's Creed 2 really makes everyone can't wait for it. Stunning graphic and new storyline are just simply awesome. So you like the costume? Want to make one and not sure how to do it?

Here is a preview of Assassins' Creed Costume

(That was bad because the uploader has disabled the video embed)

Never mind I got other one here.

So how they make it? Check out the website below to learn how to make your own Assassin's Creed costume. All the details and materials are provided in the website. Have fun.


not gay at all.

stop hatin, ur mad cuz he has a costume

would've been cooler if you cut your ring finger off...

[Left 4 Dead] Got Your Back

Francis: Right behind ya!

Sometime people just like to see how Zoey get pull by a smoker in Left 4 Dead.
Like this one.

Many people just likes to pick Zoey in Left 4 Dead and I've seen 4 Zoey in survivor team before.

Beside Zoey, there are some who likes to make fun with Louis...
...by putting him and pain pills together.
Like this one.

It was surprised to see this video already viewed by over 2 million peoples.

Wonder how they make this video?

They uses a sandbox called Garry's mod for the Source Engine, like Left 4 Dead, Half-Life and so on.
Just Google it. It is a good tool to create custom game mode as well as making comic and videos.

Greatest Freak Out Ever

One of the best video in Youtube.

Did he just stick something in his ass? FAIL!

Wait, this is your limit? C'mon don't push yourself so hard and play with your ass.

Get a girlfriend, don't become someone like the guy in the video below.
(One of the popular video in Youtube)

If you notice, he stick a remote control in his ass after find out his brother deleted his World of Warcraft account. That was funny when he knock his head with a shoe.

"Hey claim down, you looks possessed or something."

If you like this video, you can check out more 'Greatest Freak Out Ever' in the uploader's channel.

man that other guy is rite that is possessed----

yeah put the remote control in yor arssel, why not?

he sounds like a wild banshee.ANY REASON WHY he shoves a remote
up his ass LOL

Epic Fails

You're currently viewing some Failed shits.

Here are some Fails I found hilarious. Hope you enjoy.

Sex Fail!
I know you're horny. Be careful in Japan, taking off the clothes doesn't mean she going to do with you.

McDonald's Rap

A McDonald's Rap Song

Alright break is over, it's time for a new post. I know this video is not new but that was the best McDonald's rap. Check this video out.

I believe many of you like McDonald's
Personally, this is one of my favorite burger.

spicy chicken mcdeluxe Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh damn, I wanna grab one of this now. It makes me hungry.

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