• Darkness And Light Replays

    Thanks to RailKill for update bypass patch. Now you can watch your replays in original Darkness And Light client without having Xtrap updated.
    Click here for more detail and download link.

  • Warcraft III: Darkness And Light

    Darkness And Light (DAL) Warcraft III ver. is a remake of PvP Strategy Game based on original DAL.
    Developed by NuevoEvo and RailKill. Click here for latest map download.

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BBoy Epic Fail Mix

Hilarious BBoy Fails.

BBoy Fail
Evo voted 10/5 thumb down and 'fav' 2:23
2:48 Surprise butt seks.
3:06 BBoy win, cameraman fail.

Submitted by: Evo via EvoUploader
>> Unknown Failures in Communication
Source: Facebook, from Nicholas.

Map Updates

Latest updates of DAL and Retarded Game

Darkness And Light updates
From the creators, NuevoEvo and RailKill

Current Version: 1.0.2
-Items now can be purchase anywhere in the map.

-Purchased items will drop on your personal storage if hero's inventory is full. You can click on the 'transfer item' option to transfer items from personal storage to your hero if there is empty space in the inventory.

-Item combination list added.
-Items purchase outside the base will temporary place in player's circle of power.
-Disabled shop control.

Known Bug Issues

-Junas' Overrun will reveal the location where it is cast.

Download Link

Retarded Game aka Are You Retard updates
From the creator, NuevoEvo

Current Version: 1.0.1
-Changed some items description and interface.
-Changed Upkeep to game version.
-Improved some retard levels.

Download Link

Note: You must have Warcraft III: Frozen Throne installed and patched with latest version of patch, else the map will not load. You can get the latest version of patch here.

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates conversation.
Thanks Nicholas for template download link.

So Evo fails?

Reaction when gets a MacBook

What happen when someone gets a Macbook

MacBook for Christmas? Click the video to find out and you'll see how happy she is. If you notice, the guy at the back gets a new Sony laptop too.

Top random comments and chat messages
Alex votes MAC OS FAIL!

[Evo has signed in]
Yo machead!
Evo: Yo :)

Nobody crys tears of joy when they get a PC. Macs are so cool!

i cried when i got mine, lol

I wish I have Macbook Pro too =(

Epic Fail #2

Some fails I found on the web.

Logic Fail
Evo voted 3/5 thumb down.

I know it's not really a 'fail', I found this when I was searching something.
And I can't believe people are actually searching for this.

Submitted by: Evo via EvoUploader
>> Unknown Failures in Communication

Parenting Fail
Evo voted 5/5 thumb down.

As picture above.

Submitted by: Evo via EvoUploader

How to install Mac OS X Theme on Window XP

Guide to turn your ugly XP into Mac!

Looking for Mac and can't afford it? No problem, there is a way to transform your Window XP to Mac by simply change the skin.

You'll need
Recommended to place all the files in a folder so it will not mess up, but it's up to you.

How to install

1) Patch.
Open up uxpatcher.zip, click ok to patch. The setup will ask you to restart the computer.

2) Install Icon Tweaker.
Extract IconTweaker.exe from icontweaker-crystalxp.net-en-83.zip. Run the setup.

3) Add Mac icons using Icon Tweaker.
Open LeopardXP.ita in LeopardXP_for_IconTweaker_by_anoos.zip. An IconTweaker window will open, select LeopardXP Blue from the menu and click apply.

4) Install cursors.
Extract all the files from Mac_OS_X_Cursors_1_1.zip to a temporary folder. Right click on Install xxxxxx.inf and select install. (Note: there are 6 .inf files, install any one you preferred.)

5) Applying cursors.
Go to Control Panel>Mouse. On Pointer tab click the dropdown menu and select Mac OS X xxxxx (xxxx is the name of new cursor you installed.)

6) Pick a desktop background!
Set a Mac wallpaper as desktop background. (Optional)

7) Move the taskbar.
Now we will move the Window taskbar to the top of the screen. To do that, right click on your window taskbar and select "Lock the taskbar". Drag the taskbar to the top and select "Lock the taskbar" again.

8) Install the theme.
Open Leopard.msstyles in Leopard_2_0_by_neodesktop.rar . Display properties window will pop up, select Leopard from the drop down menu as shown in the picture below.

9) Install RocketDock.
Install RocketDock (RocketDock-v1.3.5.exe)

10) Install Finderbar.
We will install a Finderbar to make it more like a Mac. Open Finderbar_v.1.5.zip and run Install_Finderbar_v.1.5.exe. A FinderBar folder will appear on your desktop, click on that and run Finderbar_Engine.

11) Congratulation! You have Mac OS X theme in your PC, you can check RocketDock website for more add-on. Lastly don't forget to hide your desktop icons. (Right click desktop> Arrange Icons by> Show Desktop Icons)

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