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CG-ing Haineko

First artwork using a graphic tablet.

Personally, I'm quite interested in 2D arts and cartoon drawing (or anime whatever you called.) This is why I bought a graphic tablet because it is better than a computer mouse. I tried to draw with mouse, it's just like take me age to finish just the art lines. But now a graphic tablet simply made my life easier.

I not sure why I'm doing this, I guess new graphic tablet gave me inspiration to draw something in Photoshop. So for the first time, I started drawing and colouring using a tablet, I know it's not good as others artwork. I've seen a lot professional artist from DeviantArt, all their art pieces are awesome.

Anyway here is the artwork I've done.
Haineko, spirit of Rangiku's zanpakuto from Bleach :D

Be sure click the image to enlarge.

I'm didn't really know how to draw a background so I left it blank. Soon I will post the full size image to my DeviantArt. Leave a comment here or chat box to share what you think about this art.

Aldane: "The breast is a bit too big lol."
Yes, it's really that big in the real anime.

WNxH: Eggy(s)

Comic strip for Warrior Nation Cabal Section.

Recently I bought a Wacom Bamboo graphic tablet. To test out it's performance, I've drawn this short comic strip which is called Warrior Nation Homestay by
Nicholas, the original creator of this comic. Since he already stopped this comic for a while, so I decided to make one. Hope you enjoy.

Click the image to enlarge.
WNx Homestay: Eggy(s)

[Update #5] M16A2

M16A2 update is here again.

I've been busy these days, rear sight supposedly done right now. Since the blog a little bit 'not active' I decided to make a small update of this homemade paper rifle. These is what has done so far.

Yeah, I added gas tube to make it more realistic. The concept is still the same, it is 100% made out of hardened paper and painted with metallic silver paint which I bought from hobby shop last time.

Showing off the parts, you can see how the barrel looks like.

Handguards and barrel.


  • Added front sight
  • Finished Barrel
  • Added handguard, outer layer (the strips thing) not done.
  • Finished gas tube and heat shield.
  • Joined barrel parts and upper receiver together.

That is all for today, I'm currently working rear sight for this rifle because gun with only front sight sucks. =D

Oh wait, it's not M16a2 lol.

[Update #4] M16A2

New on M16A2

The latest update of M16A2 is here again and more 'stuffs' is completed.

  • Painted bolt carrier with silver colour.
  • Barrel is done with hardened paper.
  • Painted barrel with black.
  • Finished bolt catch and its operation.
  • Added stock.
  • Some stuffs on the body as shown in the pictures below.

Parts takedown.

Incomplete hand guard, just for show.

I will make a gas tube and heat shield for the barrel to make it more realistic. Dust cover and forward assist will be added once the barrel is complete.

How to play Starcraft II beta offline + AI

(Updated) Guide to play Starcraft II Beta offline with AI and Troubleshot

Playing Starcraft II beta without getting online to Battlenet is possible. Not only that, there is also an AI patch allows you to play against computer AI. Follow the guide below to learn how.

Tested with Window Xp and works perfectly.

Window Vista and Seven Users: Run the program as admin to avoid problems/ errors while running the program. (Right-click and select 'Run as administrator')

What you need
  1. Starcraft II Beta Client
  2. Starcraft2 ALLin1 (Download the latest one to avoid bugs)
  3. Starcraft II map (You can get the maps here or Original Blizzard Maps)
  4. Latest Starcraft II Cache

How to install

Step 1: Download Starcraft II Beta client and Starcraft2 ALLin1 (links above). Note that the Starcraft II Beta client is torrent, you may search for direct download if it is slow.

Step 2: Open 'Installer' and follow on-screen instruction to install Starcraft II Beta to your computer.

Step 3: Install Starcraft2 ALLin1 to Starcraft II Beta directory. Example: C:\Program Files\StarCraft II Beta\SC2ALLin1

Step 4: Open Regional and Language Option in control panel, under 'Advanced' tab make sure Language for non-Unicode programs is set to English (United States).

Step 5: Place a Starcraft II map in C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Maps

Step 6: Extract cache files to C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\Starcraft II Beta\Cache

Step 7: Run SC2ALLin1 on your desktop shortcut. The launcher allow you to select a map, customize factions and opponents. After you done with that, click 'Launch' to start the game.

Also check your PC performance, Starcraft II Beta requires minimum:

• Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/Windows 7
• 2.2 Ghz Pentium IV or equivalent AMD Athlon processor
• 1 GB system RAM/1.5 GB for Vista and Windows 7
• 128 MB NVidia GeForce 6600 GT/ATI Radeon 9800 PRO video card
• 1024x768 minimum display resolution
• 4 GB free hard space (Beta)
• Broadband connection
(It won't necessary be the same for the final release)


Error appear while opening SC2ALLin1.exe "The application fail to initialize properly (0xc0000135)"
Solution: Make sure Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 Service Pack 1 is installed in your computer. If doesn't, download it here.

Error appear while opening SC2ALLin1.exe "An error occurred creating the form. See Exception. InnerException for details. The error is: Font 'Verdana' does not support style 'Regular"
Solution: Go to control panel\Fonts, make sure 'Verdana' Font is installed to your computer. Download font here.

Starcraft II loading screen appears gray/ Starcraft II auto close after loading finishes.
Solution: Make sure Language for non-Unicode programs is set to English (United States). Refer to step 4.

Lastly I hope this short guide will help and that's it, enjoy your game.

[Update #3] M16A2

Here is the latest update of M16A2.

Sorry for the late update, anyway here are some update of M16A2 rifle.

Lower receiver is almost done except bolt catch and trigger guard. Receiver extension has built to hold the recoil spring (as shown in the picture).

Here are some failed bolt carriers I made earlier including the old Barrett M486 bolt. First and second version are all failed. The second one has improved but still unsuitable for use in this rifle.

Third version of bolt carrier that doesn't fail.

Bolt carrier is pure paper, it is hardened with PVA glue and shaped like the real both carrier. There is no gas tube, I might make a fake extractor and firing pin if possible and paint it to silver as well.

The 'real dude'

M16A2 Field stripping

Also I've added a side bar for my M16 progress, you can view what has done if update post delayed.

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