[Update] M16A2

M16A2 update.

I'm going to make M16A2 because the upper receiver of Barrett M468 did not fit with the new lower receiver. With the help of full scale image of M4 Carbine it will be easy to avoid scaling error, this is why I'm making M16A2.

"Why not M4?". Because I feel long rifle are much cooler. :D

Here's an update of my lower receiver.

Pistol grip and unfinished lower receiver and magazine.

It took me a long time to make these because I need to glue a paper sheet as the outer layer for every single cardboard. Paper and PVA glue will make the cardboard harder, thanks for Tacome1942's tutorial video on how to make paper harder. He make cool paper weapons too, be sure check out his Youtube channel.

Magazine catch mechanism.

Magazine catch are made from hardened paper, wooden stick, cardboard and a spring. Slightly different with the real one.

Some M16A2 info.

M16A2 rifle, with the heavy barrel, modified rear sights, spent case deflector, round handguards and modified pistol handle (circa mid-1980s)

I will be really busy these days to finish lower receiver as soon as possible. I will update the progress if something new comes out. :)


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