Warcraft III Editor Basics

A short guide to those who are new in Warcraft III map editing. If you are new and not sure how to start with, this guide may help you out (I hope)

Warcraft III Editor is a great map editor which allow you to customize almost every aspects in the game. You can create your own custom games. Just like Defend of the Ancient (DotA), it is a custom game too. You can change units HP, creating a new unit, rename them and much more!

Before start a project
New people should try to make a simple map first. Try messing around with units, placing them into a map. Always start with simple things first, do not start with massive project like DotA, Hero Defense or something because it is very complicated if you don't get the basic right.

Start a simple map
A new map maker should start with opening an existing Warcraft melee maps. Add some custom units, items, custom abilities and such. These can be done by opening Object editor. For example you can change Flame Strike damage by opening Ability tab in Object Editor and change the value of 'Damage', experience yourself by placing a Blood Mage and try it out in game.

I believe trigger will be a challenge for a starter. Triggers are an alternative method of controlling gameplay, it is a simplified programming language with a graphical interface. They have been designed to be simple enough for novice users, yet they can control almost any aspect of gameplay. For example, if you want to create some units in an area, give an item to a hero, set Hero mana. These can be done by using a trigger. If you notice, Trigger consist of Event, Condition and Action, what does it mean?

The trigger will run when an event occur, you must have an event in order to run a trigger. Some time you run a trigger from other trigger without an event.

A condition is a requirement so that a trigger will fire, trigger will run if all the conditions are true. You can also have a 'Or' condition as well if you wish to fire a trigger with either one condition is true. A trigger with Event and actions but without a condition will work, except some.

Nothing much to explain here, basically one or more action will be taken after condition is met.

Example of a Simple Trigger

I made an Event when A unit Dies. I want to specify which unit dies before I perform an action, in this case I set any Footman as my dying unit. If the condition is met (Footman is dead), then an action will be performed, here I create 1 Footman at centre of the map for Player 1.

Overall we can say that if a Footman dies then a new Footman will spawn at the centre of the map. Of course you can set where your Footman spawn too, simply create a region anywhere in the map.

Feel free to play with the editor, as you can learn the basics in the same time. Try your best to make some simple triggers. Keep practicing, until you're ready to start a real project.

Thanks for RailKill for teaching me how to use Warcraft Editor last time. :)

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