Are You Retard?

Are You Retard
By Evo
Is out!

This is a new map created by me. Again just like in the previous post, this mini game will test whether you are a retard or not (this map is.designed to be as stupidest as possible) To win this game, you must survive until you reach the finish line.
Tip: Do not fall into my traps :)

Please Refer at Download sidebar for latest download link

I noticed Darkness And Light map cannot open in Warcraft III, so I managed to fix it and finally came out with a solution. This map is now fixed and new download link is available in download section at my blog sidebar.

Note: You must have Warcraft III: Frozen Throne installed and patched with at least version 1.24b, else the map will not load. You can get the latest version of patch here.


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