How to Draw Anime Head

This is my version of how to draw anime head. It might be different from others. It is simple actually, I hope it helps. So let's get started!

Tools are always important, you will need.
  • Blank Paper, A4 paper will do
  • Sharp pencil or Mechanic pencil
  • An Eraser
  • 4B pencil (Optional)

Here is how

First, I draw a "t" shape using a mechanic pencil. Make sure do not darken the lines because we will need to sketch first and some lines will erase afterward. Draw 2 curve lines and join them together at the bottom as shown in the picture.

Draw a semicircle on top, this will be its head, avoid making the head too flat. Add ears on the both side about the position of the horizontal line, don't go too high or too low.

Add eyebrows above the horizontal line, and other line below the eyebrow. Erase the horizontal line, we will add the eyes later.

Complete the eyes, you can choose any type of eyes you preferred to. Add nose, don't go too high or too low, leave some space for the mouth.

Complete the iris, make a small circle inside and shade them like this. Make another smaller circle without shading it, this will be the reflection of the eye.

Complete the hair and add more detail on it. Then darken all the lines with 4B pencil, you can use a normal pencil as well. Make some shading after you satisfied with the details.

Here is the result when it's done.

Keep practicing, I believe you can draw something better than this. :D


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