How to spam in Starcraft I

This my tips on how to win in Starcraft for noobs a.k.a newbies by spamming units, but there is no guarantee for winning. :)
There are 3 factions in Starcraft which are Terran, Zerg and Protoss. Each of them have their pros and cons, if you know how to play them correctly then you'll definitely win the game.

The Brainless human.
  • The 'Supple Depot'. Build a line of supply depots to block a path and few bunkers behind. Place some Siege Tanks after you have a Factory, go experience yourself :)
  • Massive Battlecruisers. Build Starports as much as you can, then start building Battlecruisers, each battlecruiser deals 25dmg+ so it is good for defense and attack enemy base. WARNING: Battlecruiser has slow movement speed.
  • Wraith. Again, build as many Starport as you can. Great for anti-air and imba when cloaking. WARNING: Weak against Psionic Storm!
  • March of Marines. Build 4-6 barracks, then build many many Marines and Medics. WARNING: Psionic Storm Pwns you!
The sticky and ugly alien.
  • The Five Pool. Start mining with 5 drones at early game, build a Spawning Pool then start rushing enemy base with zerglings. Good against Protoss :) WARNING: It will leave your base defenseless think twice before doing it.
  • Great Wall of Evo. Spamming Sunken Colonies and Spore Colonies at early game, place some Lurkers when you have minerals. WARNING: Only work for Single Player :)
  • Ultralisk and Hydralisk Spams. Keep making Hydralisk and Ultralisk as many as you can to attack enemy base. Tip: Make some Defillers with Dark Swarm too, Dark Swarm can prevent your ground units from enemy attack EXCEPT SIEGE.
  • The Guardian. Make as much Guardian as you can, Guardians has long range attack and 20dmg per spore. WARNING: Guardian has no anti-air.
The cheater.
  • Zealot (Ninjas). Build as much Gateways as you can, then start spamming Zealots and send them to enemy base. They can deal 16dmg, good for early game. WARNING: Zealots has no anti-air, so think about it :)
  • The Famous Carriers. Build as much Stargate as you can and a Fleet Beacon of course. Start spamming Carriers. Behold of shit loads of interceptors! Tip: Make some Arbiter, it will make your carriers invisible! No lie!
  • Dark Templars. Start building Gateways and a Templar Archive, then make as much Dark Templars as you can. WARNING: Templar has no anti-air. For some reason, sometime player accidentally spam High Templar instead of Dark Templar.
  • Recall. An Arbiter ability which can teleport your units to anywhere in the map, simply move your Arbiter to a destination then target your units with Recall. Great for sneak attack and zealot spams.

Congratulation you know the basic of how to spam in Starcraft I, now you can own your friends in BattleNet! Good Luck.

Note: I don't do spelling and grammar check in my post.


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