Maple Bleach [Opening 12] Reupload

This is just a small notice regarding my Maple Bleach video has been re-uploaded due to bad graphics and certain mistakes in the video. Sorry for the removal. Fixes are described as follow.

Please visit here for reupload of this video.

  • Fixed explosion scene and rendered smaller Bleach logo.
  • Added light and shake effect at explosion scene.
  • Changed transition to 'push' after the explosion scene.
  • Removed some white dots on Barragan.
  • Added camera pan on Halibel lying part.
  • Fixed and added detail on Mashiro outfit.
  • Changed Hitsugaya and Halibel fly position.
  • Changed Shunsui effect and position.
  • Black and white scene transition speed (Ichigo hollow leg, Hollow Ichigo and Ishida stabbed) has increased.
  • Zoomed view on Kensei punch part.
  • Fixed Ulquiorra's arm.
  • Fixed Ichigo vs Ulquiorra speed (last scene).

Unsure upcoming Maple Bleach series
I might make another Maple Bleach animation of fight + Bankai based on Episode 277 or all Espada resurrección. Probably next two weeks if I wanted to.


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