Maple Bleach Opening 12 [Original Reupload]

Here is the original reupload of Maple Bleach Opening 12. It will be for those who would like to watch with original song, Change - Miwa. Some video fixes also being done and details are listed below.

Maple Bleach Opening 12 (Original)

Looks like the embed code doesn't work, I will try to reupload to other site.

Video fixes
  • Enhanced picture quality and fixed 'pixelated' character.
  • Added some missing effect.
  • Wait, Orihime's hair is kinda bad.
Please DO NOT mirror without my permission.
Also I've been working on Maple Bleach Opening 13 and it will be coming around mid of December and possible before Christmas. You can visit my
Youtube Channel for more detail about animation progress. I might also upload a preview if possible.


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