My first Warcraft reskin

Model is one of the major problem in my map, it is hard to get a right custom model or a suitable one that fits to DAL heroes. Plus, most of the DAL heroes are female. I don't know why, maybe the developer are kinda? Heh heh. I had found a simple solution to overcome this, that is reskin. Reskin can be done by using a picture editing software like Photoshop, taking out existing skin in warcraft 3 and modify them or changing its colour and so on. If you're interested in reskin, you can always find a beginner guide in HiveWorkshop

This is what I have done after reskining Warden. As you can see, I'm changing it into Ireine.
It took me for about 4 hours to finish this. =(
Now, I will use this gay skin inside my map lol.
Ireine from DAL and Terabellum on the right.


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