DAL Secrets?

There are some interesting things you can find in Darkness And Light game files. You can find textures, icons and heroes sound voices. Unfortunately some of the voices are in slow-mo for some reason, so I must edit them to get the exact speed.

You might wondering which program I'm using. I'm using IrfanView for this, it is a simple imaging program that you can view various type of image files including DDS extension, as well as some audio formats. IrfanView is available for FREE, take a look at the official website HERE (Make sure you download the plugin, else you won't be able to view them!) You can download the original Darkness And Light installer HERE if you wish to try opening them yourself. Though Irfanview has some limitation, you will only get 1 image file when you open one of the file. Judging on how the file was named, each of those file should have more than 1 image file packed into a single DRP file format. If you know any other method to fully extract these files, let me know!

Download Links:

Found some loading screens and some Belerop, Ajax and Arina skins.


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