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This is the official website of Warcraft Darkness And Light, DAL (or Battle of Shadows in US).
The game has re-created into Warcraft III version based on original DAL Online gameplay. The original game service has terminated since 2008 and its official website was completely wiped off. Some information can still be found in MMOsite. To be honest I think it was one of the best real time strategy game after DotA due it's unique gameplay system and has various interesting maps, not just 3 lanes map craps that you normally see in most AoS games. Although not all maps were released back then (only First Blood, Bridgehead and Frontier), there are also some co-op campaign maps that I never got the chance to try. It was a complete let down when DAL announced to close its game service and this is why a custom Darkness And Light map for Warcraft III is here, a memorial to the game if you like to call it that way. This custom map remake for Warcraft III is completely developed by myself from scratch with the help from my buddy, RailKill. More details can be found below.

Brief history of Darkness And Light Online

Battle of Shadows (formerly Darkness and Light or DAL, but not to be confused with the MMORPG, Dark and Light) was a free MMORPG developed by N-Log Inc (a south korean company). and published by GameOn. Due to some unknown reasons, Darkness and Light terminated all its SEA services (forums, website, etc.) and the game servers on April 30, 2008. This, as well as CDC USA's termination of their North American service in September 2007, is believed to be due to financial issues within N-Log Soft, the developer.
Map Download (April 17, 2013)

Warcraft III Darkness And Light Map Developers
The following are current map developers of Warcraft Darkness And Light.
Map creator and author of this Blog, also known as ShadowTeamX3 in DAL.
Ranked as Rank 18, 1st Elite Soldier.
Other IGNs: Nitroxide, CurryLobak

(Old Screenshot)

Heroes creator and trigger helps. This guy is a genius, trust me.
Ranked as Rank 8, 1st Heavy Infantry in DAL
Other IGN: Lemoney92
Visit his blog at: http://lemoney92.blogspot.com

Gameplay Suggestion
Below are the people who contributes suggestion to this map.
One of my friend that often disconnect in DAL.
Ranked as Rank 14, 5th Elite Soldier.
Visit his blog at: http://tohjun-aldane.blogspot.com/

No description yet.

Note: I would like to gather more information for those who contributes suggestion in blog chat box, please leave your IGN and DAL IGN in blog chat box.
Optional: You can tell more about yourself, previous DAL rank with screenshot (if possible) and your website/ blog. Please include link to the image if you want to add DAL screenshot.

Current Map Development Status

Map Version: Darkness And Light v1.0.6 AI 0.20
Gameplay: Bridgehead Map
Game Mode: Normal, King Battle will be available in future.
Available Heroes: 14
Light: Terabellum, Junas, Lobelia, Dorothy, Lorraine, Ajax, Ireine
Darkness: Asiz, Balohan, Belerop, Lien, Stinger, Veron, Arina

Map Updates

DAL v1.0.6 Change Log (April 17, 2013)
Click here for complete change log

Known Issues (Updated April 9 2013) 

Tritram Order Staff INT bonus will not given to nearby heroes sometime, dropping and equip again will fix the problem. Issue has been fixed on upcoming v1.0.6

Game Screenshots

Screenshots from version 1.0.6 AI 0.20
DAL Version 1.0.5

Future Release Prediction 
Please remember that this is just an prediction of future map release.
Release detail will change without further notice.

• More bugs should be fixed.
• Fortress release.
• King Battle release.

Future Release Change Log

Future release has not longer updated, any change log will be shown after a newer version is released.

Official Darkness And Light Trailer & Gameplay


  1. Eugene Lai said...:

    Very nicely done!
    I hope that there will be more updates on the character models if possible.
    Thank you for reviving DAL!!

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