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Darkness And Light v1.0.3 BETA is out!
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Darkness And Light Version 1.0.3 is out. Sorry for keeping this for too long, here is the latest update of DAL due to "popular" demand I guess. Anyway below is the change log of updates and improvements of the map.

Change Log (23/06/10)
General Map Updates
•Added Anti-Magic and Dispel shortcut system.
•Changed shop location and model. Shops are located at each base.
•Added personal storage at base to keep temporary items if inventory is full. Has an ability that transfer item instantly to your hero.
•Added recipe guide shops. (Combination reference for beginners.)
•Anti-Magic cast time no longer has small delay.
•Improved Hero description with movement speed and class.
•Added text message for killed Gatekeeper.
•Added Potion STR, INT and DEX of Improvement.

New shop placement previews
Just for temporary since it is a bit similar to DotA.

•Increases movement speed of creeps and decreased collision size.
•Increases Hero's movement speed.
•Improved some Items description and corrected some text colour.
•Reduced building and gatekeeper regeneration rate.
•Reduced XP gain.
•Increases Veron's Stone Curse movement penalty.
•Changed Force name to Alliance of Light and Empire of Darkness.
•Consumable Item shop are now merged into one.
•Increased tower sight range by 100.
•Improved terrain with more doodads and more.

Bug Fixes
•Fixed Chimaera explode bug that causes damage to unit with anti-magic on.
•Fixed Ajax's Natural Shield bug that causes map to reveal.
•Fixed Infinite Hammer recipe description.

Known Bug•Tritram's Order Staff INT bonus will not work for Darkness players at this time. Stay tuned for v1.0.4 release!

Detailed change log can be also found in map info tab.

Note: You must have Warcraft III: Frozen Throne installed and patched with latest patch version, else the map will not load. You can get the latest version of patch here.


  1. ahBEN™ said...:

    I love your map, keep it up to make it on par with original DAL game ! [:
    Hamachi for DALdota,

    Network ID: warDAL
    Password: 123

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