Left 4 Dead Icon Pack for Warcraft III

Left 4 Dead Icon Pack for Warcraft III custom maps

Recently I have created several icons for RailKill's Warcraft III Left 4 Dead map. Since there's limited suitable icons can be found on the web so I decided to make some to help him out. His map is still not yet released since there are still many features to be added in the game, so stay tuned! More updates regarding the map can be found at his blog here.

I have uploaded the icon pack I made for open download. All icon previews are displayed in the image below.


Download here via Mediafire
(Or visit Download Page here)

How to Import
This is just a quick walkthrough for experienced map maker. If this is your first time importing a file, I recommend you to visit here for more detailed guideline.

1) Open
import manager and select the file which you wanted to import into your map.

2) Set import patch to


Do these for each of the icons imported with responding name.

3) Save your map to allow icons to load.

4) Visit here if you not sure how to import.

Note that this icon pack does not include pistol and dual pistol and it is only based from Left 4 Dead 1 items and weapons. Please make a credit if you want to use these icons in your map or distribute to other websites.


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