You can get all my downloads here, including my Warcraft III map creation, song, video and more. Downloads are normally uploaded to file hosting service provider such as Mediafire and Megaupload. Some sites may requires you to wait for certain time period before download starts.
Note: All downloads are totally legit and does not infringe any copyright law. If you have any problem with the download (broken link etc.), please leave a message at site's comment zone.
Please make a credit link to this site if you wants to share download links to other sites.

Darkness And Light (v1.0.6 AI 0.20) - Mediafire
Retarded Game by Evo (v1.0.1) - Mediafire

Other Warcraft III related downloads
Bleach Model Pack - Mediafire
Left 4 Dead Icon Pack - Mediafire

Darkness And Light Original Soundtrack - Mediafire
(Full song list at Mediafire)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Game Soundtrack - Mediafire

Teen Titans: Raven Broken Dream - Mediafire

Darkness And Light Image set - Mediafire

Original Darkness And Light SEA Game Client - Mediafire  
(Please download two file parts, you will need program such as WinRAR to extract the them.)
(Before downloading, keep in mind that this is the original game (Not Warcraft III DAL) which has down since 2008. Update: RailKill has successfully 'bypassed' the patch update that allows the game to launch and view your saved replay files. Please download the bypass patch below.)
Darkness And Light Update Bypass - Mediafire
(Please visit here to learn how install the 'bypass' files)
Darkness And Light Icon Pack - Mediafire
Darkness And Light Replay Files - Mediafire
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