CopyTrans Manager

A Great software for iPod music and video transfer.

I know many iPod users dislike to use iTune to transfer their favorite music or video into their iPod (including myself). Simply because iTune transfer are difficult to use and slow, sometime it will stop responding for a time due to some 'unwanted' syncing. Plus, it is not easy as just drag and drop your files into iPod. iTune will simply delete the songs which are not found in the computer from iPod. I had experienced iTune crash and all my musics are gone.

If you really sick with iTune, there is a great software to help you manage your song perfectly. It is called CopyTrans Manager. It is simple, you can just drag and drop whatever song you want, it's absolutely FREE and compatible with latest iPhone OS!

Here is how.
  1. Go to download section.
  2. Scroll down until you find CopyTrans Manager.
  3. Click 'Download Installer' and start the download.
  4. You can download as zip file if you are a advance user. (No installation required)
You can check out more products from their website which you may find helpful.

Stop waiting and get it today!


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