Darkness And Light v1.0.4

Darkness And Light v1.0.4
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The new Darkness And Light Version 1.0.4 is out! We are happy to announce that DAL has finally reached second test stage. Gameplay experience and features have greatly improved as well as more bugs have fixed, thanks for the feedback in blog comment box.

Change Log (06/01/11)
Game Content Update
•Introduce the new inventory system!
•Added custom DAL loading screen.
•Dexterity point has now increases armour, 0.03 armour bonus for each Dex point.
•Removed DAL theme music to reduce map size.
•Added "[Passive]" text to all passive skills.
•Added 90 seconds countdown before game starts.
•Added Hero's movement speed check command, type @speed.
•Hero will now gain experience for each destroyed barrack.
•Additional experience is added for destroyed towers, Gatekeepers and guard towers.
•Improved Hero description with HP and MP detail.

•Player will have to combine items in their respective remote storage instead of Hero.
•Eternal Crystal will be given to storage instead to Hero after hero is selected by player.
•Increased background music volume by little.
•Lorraine, Dorothy and Ireine model size has changed to smaller.
•Improved and fixed item description.
•Improved 'Return to Base' description
•Fixed towers placement.
•Fixed gold bounty for killed creep to exact value.
•Fixed end game text, Gatekeeper killed text and reduced camera shake magnitude.
•Increased Hero stock delay from 15 to 20 seconds.
•Improved doodads and environments

Game Balance
•Increased gold bounty for destroyed barrack to 150 gold.

•Decreased all Heroes base armour by 1.
•Increased Power Shield armour from 1 to 2.
•Reduced Lorraine's Barrage casting range from 600 to 500.
•Balanced Lorraine's Aimed Shot damage duration from 4 to 8 sec, 200 damage per 2 sec, cooldown from 20 to 25 seconds.

•Decreased Gatekeepers armour by 1.
•Reduced creep spawn time from 60 to 45 seconds.
•Changed Ireine's Finishing Strike damage.
lv.1 - 1200 damage/ kill if below 1600 hp
lv.2 - 2000 damage/ kill if below 2400 hp
lv.3 - 2800 damage/ kill if below 3200 hp

Bug fixes
•Tritram Order Staff works with Darkness Player now.
•Fixed issue that creep will fall back if enemy altar is invulnerable.
•Fixed Arina's Runestone icon that appears in shortcut command.
•Fixed Ireine's Triple throw description.
•Fixed missing Twilight Sun when Terabellum is in Moon Frenzy form.
•Fixed bug that causes Str Hammer HP bonus does not work with Terabellum's Moon Frenzy.
•Fixed Belerop's Mana Reflector that clashes with antimagic potion.

Known Issues
Tritram Order Staff INT bonus will not given to nearby heroes sometime, dropping and equip again will fix the problem.
Unknown bug that rarely causes Veron to have 0 sight range when casting Deception skill.

New inventory system previews and quick start guide

Press Up arrow key to select your remote storage and shops. (Not recommended)
Use ctrl + number to set up a control group for instant selection. (Recommended)

Select various shops in your remote storage.

Purchased item will keep in your remote storage first, Left-Click the item to equip to your hero.

Item combination only works in inventory remote storage, item combination in Hero's inventory has been disabled.

Transfer item back to your remote storage by dropping it from your Hero.

Dropped Infinite STR, DEX and INT hammers will transfer to remote storage instead of losing it.

Use command button to sell an item in your remote storage.

'Based from the item'? It should be 'based on the item'. Grammar mistake.

Note: You must have Warcraft III: Frozen Throne installed and patched with latest patch version, else the map will not load. You can get the latest version of patch here.

We would like to thank you for supporting DAL.


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