[Youtube] MacBook Pro Unbox & Review

Here, I finally received my MacBook Pro. This is my first laptop and also my first Mac, it's a 13-inch version, looks pretty cool and I totally love it. Click the video below and watch the unboxing video.

If you notice, I added some Call of Duty 4 effects on the start of this video. Made using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0, looks pretty cool in my opinion.

I've been using this for couple of days, it works well and easy to use. It will be a bit complicated to use at the first time because many things are different from Windows. There are some pros and cons of this laptop, let's talk about the pros.

The appearance and design of this laptop is very 'solid', it is made from unibody aluminum enclosure. It feels very smooth unlike those laptop with 'cheap' plastic felling. Compared to other laptops, MacBook Pro is much lighter and thinner so can easily carry around. It also has a LED backlit display and SD card slot to transfer photos from SD card of your camera to the laptop.

MacBook Pro comes with a cool keyboard. Just like a cell phone, the keyboard lights up when in dark.
Ulquiorra? It reminded me delicious tomato song :D

"Ima releasing 2nd form to pwn with mah tomato!"

Battery indicator shows how much battery remain.

Mac OS X has good security, the system will ask for password confirmation when installing an application or changing system preference.

Need help? simply type a keyword and the list will show up, quick and easy.
An arrow will show what you're finding if it's a menu item.

And my favorite, epic Apple logo.

Of course many Windows files and applications are not supported in Mac. Mac recognizes NTFS removable hard disk as read-only and many video and audio files are not supported in iTune and Quicktime.

Good news that there are some application such as

1) Perian
, a codec that allows play various unsupported media including .flv with Quicktime.

MacFUSE and NTFS-3g are freewares that can be installed to write files on removable NTFS hard disk.


Apple claim that MacBook Pro's battery will last for about 10 hours, however I only got about 5-6 hours from 100% to 15% battery with keyboard light off and screen brightness at 3 bars. Well the battery life is still okay in my opinion.

Overall it is a great laptop, very easy to use and definitely worth to buy.

(Review fail, Evo voted 5/5 thumb down)


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