Bleach Fans Comic

I started this comic months ago in school, it sucks a lot because of improper grammar as I'm not good in English. I've continue a little bit of this comic because one of my friend Harjit likes it. Thanks for my friends who likes this comic and Nicholas who helped me to correct my grammar mistakes.

Note that this comic is fan-based and drawn for non-profit and entertainment purpose only.
No way I can claim the characters or names in Bleach who are created by
Kubo Taito. This comic may contain spoiler for certain people.

Actually this comic is not long, I think it will finish soon.

The story is about a boy, Jims Burnt who trying to destroy Soul Society and stopped by Harjit Singh the Dark Mage. However Harjit failed capture him while Jims teleporting in a warp gate. Jims is then killed by Kurosaki Ichigo, unfortunately he was revived by Aizen and became an Arranca. Who willl stop him? :D


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