Darkness And Light SEA (DAL) Update Bypass & Watch Replay

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Good news for DAL fans! RailKill has finally managed to reverse engineer Darkness and Light SEA client to bypass DAL patch update. It is a good news for those who still have replay files because it basically allows the game to run and view your saved replay files.

How to bypass DAL update
Railkill has modified DAL.run and DALPatch.run files to bypass the update. Please click the link below to download these files.

Step 1
If DAL Client is not installed in your computer, please download DAL client below. Otherwise skip this step.
Darkness And Light SEA Setup Open Beta Download

Step 2
Download DAL client bypass patch.
DALSEA Bypass Patch Download

Step 3 Unzip DALSEA Patch.rar and extract DAL.run and DALPatch.run into DALsea folder. Click 'yes' to replace the files. Be sure to backup the old files too!

Step 4 DAL will think it has already been patched, so it will say Patch Completed. Click 'Start' to launch the game.  
UPDATE: If it does not work or the launcher stuck at updating, please disconnect your internet connection and try launch it again.
NOTE: If you're using Windows Vista/7, especially 64-bit users, you might get an error saying that DAL.run is not associated with a program, or something. If so, please run it in compatibility mode for Windows XP, then run as Administrator.

Step 5 Xtrap error should pops up, click 'Start' again. (Do not click 'OK' as it will terminate the program.)

Step 6 You should able to enter DAL now, congratulation you've successfully entered the login page. Click 'Replay' to watch your saved replays. Make sure your replay file is placed in DAL\REPLAY folder in My Document.

Step 7 Enjoy your replay!
If you do not have any replay file, you can download mine below.

Note: It does not bypass Xtrap update, but you can still enter the game though. If you like it, please visit DAL discussion forum to help RailKill "bypass" login page and Xtrap update.

Visit DAL reverse engineer discussion thread here: http://dalseacommunity.darkbb.com/t116-reverse-engineering-old-dal-client-files


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