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    Darkness And Light (DAL) Warcraft III ver. is a remake of PvP Strategy Game based on original DAL.
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Notice (2021)

Hey all, it's been a while since I maintain this blog, I don't know if there's still someone checking this blog, but if you are reading this (especially Tengzilla) I am sorry to say that unfortunately the development of Darkness And Light for Warcraft III has ceased since many years ago. There was no plan of continuing this custom game, including for the new Warcraft III: Reforged.

As for this blog, I have no plan of posting any future update since I don't think many people use blogger in 2021 anyway. On the other hand this blog will be kept as it is, all the DAL posts, download links will remain in this blog.

I have since moved away from blogging to Twitter and Pixiv and currently focusing on making fan arts like Kantai Collection and Genshin Impact. Feel free to follow me on Twitter if that interests you. (Note that there are some potential NSFW content there.)

Thank you everyone for supporting the developement of this game all these times. This is probably the final post in this blog, see you all on Twitter.

Darkness And Light update & its future

DAL Logo

I knew there are small number of people who still interested in my current Darkness And Light development for Warcraft III. Unfortunately I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Darkness And Light for Warcraft III might not be continued in the future. The biggest reason behind this is because Warcraft III is quite a old game (released in 2002) and number of player are declining. Of course there are still some communities who made custom games to keep Warcraft III going. But I think continuing Darkness And Light for today's minority Warcraft III players is not longer feasible, since most Warcraft III custom map players (particularly MOBA players) were switched to other game with similar genre like Heroes of the Storm, DotA 2, League of Legends etc. These are the latest games that support better video resolution, up-to-date graphics and easy configured hotkeys.

Since Darkness And Light for Warcraft III development might not be continued, I have proposed a new idea to keep Darkness And Light up-to-date and have its name to reach more players. I had came across a new platform where future of Darkness And Light will depend on... making Darkness And Light as a custom game in DotA 2 Beborn using their newly announced Workshop tools. I have played couple of games in DotA 2, I quite like how the game is flexible and its customization of almost everything in Steam Workshop are absolutely outstanding (typical Valve move). You can check out the custom game features in official DotA 2 Reborn website here.

Image source: Valve, DotA 2

Sure that sounds fantastic, but at the moment I do not have any particular experience of using the DotA 2 Workshop tools. I will experiment this tool more and get myself familiar with the development environment. Darkness And Light may have light shined upon it, but the light is still dim and the future of Darkness and Light is yet known. Until then, I will see you in the next post.

Darkness And Light v1.0.6 released

DAL Logo
Darkness And Light version 1.0.6 has finally released. I appologize for super long delay thanks to my scumbag brain, I couldn't believe I stopped updating map for more than 2 years. I'm back now and make sure the map is updated as often as possible. For those who are still wondering, DAL is not dead. Back to main topic, this version features most bug fixes and map remake. You can view some previews of new base layout here. Download the map from the link below now if you haven't. Check out latest map version here in case new version is released. If you liked this map, please spread and share this to your friend.


DAL v1.0.6 Change Log 
Game Content Update
・You may now set up the game with A.I players, that's right you can now play with computer A.I in DAL. Note that A.I is still under development therefore they are not as smart as DotA one and can be killed easily.
But they have basic combat intelligence such as using anti-magic, tower push and combat boot slow. AI can be still quite dangerous when comes in group.
There are some known bugs for the AI so please ignore it for now. Recommended only for non-serious battle or if you just want to have some fun. All thanks to RailKill for making A.I.
・More than 80% of terrain and environment had been redone to match original DAL as similar as possible.
・New map preview image.
・New player kill gold income formula and combo tracking
100 base gold + (level of killed unit * 6 gold) + (Killed unit's Combo Count * 45 gold) + random gold between 10 to 100
・Player will now start with black fog of war just like the real game.
・A short "fade in" cinematic effect is added at the beginning of the game.
・An error message will display if player attempt to carry more than one item with duplicate restriction.
・An error message will display if player does not meet level requirement to equip lv16 Prymoha Sword/ Shield.
・An error message will display if player failed to create to combine an item. (Jewels and rock of creation)
・Updated Game Info (Tips & Strategy, new combat Boot strategy & anti-magic/dispel guide)
・Updated Gold description in player's interface.
・Item's gold value will now show in player's inventory storage.
・Added aura circle effect for Return to Sanctuary skill.

Game Balance
・Chimaera death explosion no longer damage other Chimaera.
・Changed Anti Magic Potion cooldown to from 20 to 30 seconds.
・Increased leather boot movement speed bonus from 15 to 20.
・Increased Combat boot movement speed bonus from 45 to 50.
・Changed towers stats
 Cannon Tower/ Cave - 230-280 Damage, 8 Armor, 10 regen rate
 Guard Tower/ Defense Tower - 280-330 Damage, 8 Armor, 10 regen rate
・Changed Gatekeeper's damage to 340-380, armor type to Hero with 10 defense and regen rate to 5.
・Changed barrack's armor from 4 to 5.
・Increased Tower attack range from 550 to 600.
・Reduced damage for normal units/ creeps when attacking structures.
・Increased damage bonus for hero when attacking fortified unit (towers and buildings)

Game Changes and Bug Fixes 
Hero's full name will be shown after it is selected by player.
(For example if a player picks Lorraine, it will shown "Lorraine the Divine Hunter has picked by Player") 
・Fixed player killed message that does not show hero's name properly.
・Changed cannon tower's projectile due to previous one leaves explosion hole all over the floor.
・Changed movement speed check command to "-ms"
・Repositioned succubus spawn point at Dark mini base.
・Updated and corrected some item description (jewels, rock of creation, goddes ring, ring of protection, combat boot, INT hammer)
・Stabilized Item combination trigger scripts.
・Fixed an issue that cause tower's splash damage hit its ally.
・Fixed a known bug that caused Tritram Order Staff not giving INT bonus to hero properly.
・Fixed an issue that causes sanctuary of light does not deal damage to enemy unit.
・Fixed a delay issue when selling item from slot 2.

Hero Related Changes and Bug Fixes 
・Fixed a bug that cause Lobelia's Blaze Sanctuary does not deal damage to anti-magic unit.


・Enhanced Maelstrom effect, maelstrom will expand when casting the ability instead of appear out of sudden.
・Fixed Maelstrom bug that causes permanent slow to effected units
・Changed Maelstorm slow penalty, corrected its skill info.
Level 1 - 50 movement speed reduce
Level 2 - 70 movement speed reduce
Level 3 - 90 movement speed reduce

Re-textured skin.
Fixed a bug where Aimed Shot does not deal poison damage correctly.
・Fixed a bug that cause Discipline does not give correct movement speed bonus.

Re-textured skin.


・Changed Junas weapon model.
・Fixed Mana Feedback description where it does not indicate as Passive skill.
・Updated Tornado skill description.
・Tornado slow no longer effect anti-magic unit.
・Changed and corrected Tornado slow effect
Level 1 - 60 movement speed reduce
Level 2 - 110 movement speed reduce
Level 3 - 160 movement speed reduce

・Fixed Nefarious Strength's description where it does not indicate as Passive skill.
・Increased Dark Sprint's sprint speed.
・Changed Seizing Rake movement speed penalty
Level 1 - 52 movement speed reduce
Level 2 - 104 movement speed reduce
Level 3 - 156 movement speed reduce
Level 4 - 208 movement speed reduce
Level 5 - 260 movement speed reduce

・Changed Altar of Ritual casting sound effect.
・Fixed casting time for each Altar of Ritual damage burst.


・Decreased movement speed animation.


・Updated Ice Age skill description.
・Fixed Ice Age bug that causes permanent slow to effected units
・Changed and corrected Arctic wind slow effect
Level 1 - 50 movement speed reduce
Level 2 - 70 movement speed reduce
Level 3 - 90 movement speed reduce
Level 4 - 110 movement speed reduce
Level 5 - 130 movement speed reduce

Note: You must have Warcraft III: Frozen Throne installed and patched with latest patch version, else the map will not load. You can get the latest version of patch here.

Darkness And Light v1.0.6 Preview

I'm back again, that's right it's time for DAL! You may have noticed I had a small update box just on the right side on the website, I figured out it maybe a good idea to make a short preview on the main post instead so no one will miss that. The upcoming Darkness And Light v1.0.6 will feature major terrain environment remake and bug fixes. Most skill bugs should be fixed already such as permanent slow bugs from the previous version. Some skills effect has also enhanced.

Below are previews of new base layout for both Alliance of Light and Empire of Darkness. Not the best one but it's something at least.
In comparison to original DAL.
Version 1.0.6 will be released anytime soon, so stay tuned. Some components are still working in progress, it may take some time before it can be released. I will put up the change log once it's done.

That's all for now, until next time.


DAL Logo
This is the official website of Warcraft Darkness And Light, DAL (or Battle of Shadows in US).
The game has re-created into Warcraft III version based on original DAL Online gameplay. The original game service has terminated since 2008 and its official website was completely wiped off. Some information can still be found in MMOsite. To be honest I think it was one of the best real time strategy game after DotA due it's unique gameplay system and has various interesting maps, not just 3 lanes map craps that you normally see in most AoS games. Although not all maps were released back then (only First Blood, Bridgehead and Frontier), there are also some co-op campaign maps that I never got the chance to try. It was a complete let down when DAL announced to close its game service and this is why a custom Darkness And Light map for Warcraft III is here, a memorial to the game if you like to call it that way. This custom map remake for Warcraft III is completely developed by myself from scratch with the help from my buddy, RailKill. More details can be found below.

Brief history of Darkness And Light Online

Battle of Shadows (formerly Darkness and Light or DAL, but not to be confused with the MMORPG, Dark and Light) was a free MMORPG developed by N-Log Inc (a south korean company). and published by GameOn. Due to some unknown reasons, Darkness and Light terminated all its SEA services (forums, website, etc.) and the game servers on April 30, 2008. This, as well as CDC USA's termination of their North American service in September 2007, is believed to be due to financial issues within N-Log Soft, the developer.
Map Download (April 17, 2013)

Warcraft III Darkness And Light Map Developers
The following are current map developers of Warcraft Darkness And Light.
Map creator and author of this Blog, also known as ShadowTeamX3 in DAL.
Ranked as Rank 18, 1st Elite Soldier.
Other IGNs: Nitroxide, CurryLobak

(Old Screenshot)

Heroes creator and trigger helps. This guy is a genius, trust me.
Ranked as Rank 8, 1st Heavy Infantry in DAL
Other IGN: Lemoney92
Visit his blog at: http://lemoney92.blogspot.com

Gameplay Suggestion
Below are the people who contributes suggestion to this map.
One of my friend that often disconnect in DAL.
Ranked as Rank 14, 5th Elite Soldier.
Visit his blog at: http://tohjun-aldane.blogspot.com/

No description yet.

Note: I would like to gather more information for those who contributes suggestion in blog chat box, please leave your IGN and DAL IGN in blog chat box.
Optional: You can tell more about yourself, previous DAL rank with screenshot (if possible) and your website/ blog. Please include link to the image if you want to add DAL screenshot.

Current Map Development Status

Map Version: Darkness And Light v1.0.6 AI 0.20
Gameplay: Bridgehead Map
Game Mode: Normal, King Battle will be available in future.
Available Heroes: 14
Light: Terabellum, Junas, Lobelia, Dorothy, Lorraine, Ajax, Ireine
Darkness: Asiz, Balohan, Belerop, Lien, Stinger, Veron, Arina

Map Updates

DAL v1.0.6 Change Log (April 17, 2013)
Click here for complete change log

Known Issues (Updated April 9 2013) 

Tritram Order Staff INT bonus will not given to nearby heroes sometime, dropping and equip again will fix the problem. Issue has been fixed on upcoming v1.0.6

Game Screenshots

Screenshots from version 1.0.6 AI 0.20
DAL Version 1.0.5

Future Release Prediction 
Please remember that this is just an prediction of future map release.
Release detail will change without further notice.

• More bugs should be fixed.
• Fortress release.
• King Battle release.

Future Release Change Log

Future release has not longer updated, any change log will be shown after a newer version is released.

Official Darkness And Light Trailer & Gameplay

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