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I'm back again, just a quick one, a simple review which I have never done before. Today I will discuss and share my opinion about LittleAkiba including good and bad experience I've dealt. Alright let's get this straight, LittleAkiba is a shop in Malaysia that specialized in selling authentic anime merchandise and Japanese TCG (Trading Card Game) such as Weiss Schwarz, Cardfight Vanguard, Victory Spark and ChaOS. The shop also serve as a hangout place for TCG players.

Overview of the Shop

LittleAkiba リトル アキバ is located at 70B (2nd Floor), Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Open 4 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). Detailed information can be found in Facebook Page. LittleAkiba also has its own website here, as well as a separate website called The Figure Mall, which sells collectable anime figures.

Overview of the shop from outside, you probably won't miss it.

The concept of this shop is great, reason why is because TCG, authentic anime merchandise and collectable figures are gathered in one single place. Not to mention that it also has manga corner and playing tables for card game. Shop like this is rarely can be found in Malaysia, since most anime shop here sells bootlegs or counterfeit anime merchandise (especially figures).

Found anything you liked? I bet so.

Let's duel!

They have wide selection of card goods and card accessories. This is probably a heaven for most card game players. LittleAkiba also hosts shop tournament weekly, so gather up your deck and compete against other players to win attractive prizes.

Running out of cash? No problem, just give your credit card a swipe.

You get the idea.

As Japanese card games are written in Japanese, it may be an issue for players who do not understand Japanese. Fear not, LittleAkiba also has its own card translation online. In addition to that, every series and cards are listed in image thumbnail, it is easier locate the card that you're looking for rather than just scrambling around plain text from other sites.

The Bad
What I disliked about LittleAkiba the most is the online ordering system. I have placed a couple orders and it was a horrible and slow experience. Expect to get your reply after couple of weeks just to confirm an in-stock order. Surprisingly the system tells that you will receive your reply in less than 24 hours, which is not true at all.

There was once I got my reply after more than a month and I had to cancel it because I had chosen to buy the same item from oversea instead, after did not receive confirmation a week after. I believe this had also happened to most customers as well. To be honest, I prefer to buy locally rather than from oversea. Even though local price for TCG are slightly expensive, but buying locally means you're supporting the local business and put them in the map. However poor service and constant delays just pushes further away from that.

Grow local community? I think LittleAkiba should take its online order seriously first.

Not only that, the ordering system is also being too simple and lack of description. Certain information were not updated for a very long time. However these are just minor issues though.

Free shipping soon? We're in 2013 now.

I must say that littleAKIBA should improve their online ordering seriously by checking incoming orders frequently and reply to customers on reasonable time. Even though it may appear as a small business, but they still need to be at least provide a good service and reputation to their customers.

Conclusion and Final Verdict
Overall, littleAKIBA is a great shop, a nice place to hangout. I hope they can do better for their online business in the future. If you live in Malaysia, do drop by the shop and have a look. Experience trading card games such as Weiss Schwarz and Cardfight Vanguard. Pleas don't hesitate to ask, I'm sure staff members are happy to introduce and teach you the game basics.

One major problem is TCG such as Weiss Schwarz and Cardfight Vanguard community are still small in Malaysia. But you can do your part to help Malaysia TCG community to grow. If you love the game or think your friends and family might like it, share it and let them know. And the most important thing, support your local shop by buying locally and keep them sustain on the market. (If they really take their business seriously.)

Let me know what you think about LittleAKIBA, you can share your thought anything related to LittleAKIBA at the comment section below or in the chat box.

Note: All information were obtained as per February 2013 therefore some information may vary.
Image and reference credit: LittleAkiba
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